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1st Generation Farm 

Howdy! We are the Brownsworth's, Kyndall, Dylan, and baby Sunni. We both grew up in the country and dreamed of having our own land, which led us to the purchase of an old farmhouse on the prairie. The house was built in 1918, a risky purchase, but full of charm and the best 360 degree view in McLennan county. We began with a renovation of the house, but quickly purchased our first dorper sheep and acquired some chickens. The entertaining stories we can tell from the beginning of this farm are endless. Since the start of our farm 2 years ago, we have transitioned to raising registered white dorpers, honey bees, and registered beefmaster. God knows us so well and has blessed us with this farm to call our home. There is no doubt this life requires a fair share of work, but we count it all joy. We often dream of a life where we only have to farm for a living, that may only be when we make it to heaven. Until then though, we plan to continue to sow our seed and pray for Gods favor in the harvest. 



We are primarily offering pasture raised, grass fed lamb direct to our consumers year round. We offer individual cuts of meat for purchase, whole lamb, 1/2 lamb, and will soon offer a quarterly subscription. We take pride in raising our livestock and believe the taste of this meat holds exceptional quality due to our grazing methods.

Breeding stock is available from our registered flock of white dorpers. We were very selective in choosing our genetics and have invested in outstanding stock. Please contact us to check availability on breeder stock. 


Honey and laying hens will be available periodically. We hope to expand our farm so stay tuned for exciting things to come. 

Enter to win 1/2 lamb from our farm!

Thanks for entering! Winner will be announced and notified 4/1/2024.



We follow regenerative farming methods to raise our livestock. Utilizing rotational grazing patterns to optimize the soil health and maintain tender vegetation for our livestock.

We take pride in no hormones for our lambs. 

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