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Lamb Burger

Use ground meat to make juicy, flavorful burgers.

Image by Joshua Kantarges

Lamb kabobs

Quick. Easy. Precut meat directly from our farm on the grill for ~10 minutes and you'll be licking your fingers.

Image by Victoria Shes

Lamb gyros

One of our favorites. A little involved but worth it and it eats well leftover. 

Image by Joshua Kantarges

Simple Lamb Chop

We have prepared these many ways with various seasonings and flavors that are delicious, but for time and simplicity sake basic salt and pepper will do an outstanding job. You will not be disappointed. 

Image by Lavi Perchik

Leg of Lamb

Slow cooker. Tender. This will melt off the bone for the most flavorful lamb roast. 

Image by Mike Tinnion

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Image by Joshua Kantarges
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